Water Coolers & Supplies

We offer a full range of bottle or plumbed in mains fed water coolers in a range of finishes and features to suit everyone. Our coolers are available in desktop and floorstanding models. All our supplied water coolers are sanitised and serviced every 3 months in accordance with industry guidelines. Our bottled water is naturally sourced from springs in the UK and bottled under the highest hygiene and quality standards using no nasty chemicals or chlorine to ensure you enjoy a pure natural tasting water.

Glacier Covid-19 Secure Water Cooler

Glacier Covid-19 Secure Water Cooler

Covid 19 safety. Hands-free operation water coolers. Water solution to protect your workforce.

Oasis Bottled Water Cooler

Oasis Water Bottle Cooler in Silver

Sleek and silver bottled water cooler ideal for offices small and large.

Fleet Bottled Water Cooler

Fleet Water Bottle Cooler in White

In cool white this bottled water cooler provides refreshing even cooler water.

Storm Bottled Water Cooler

Storm Bottled Water Cooler Black.

The Storm bottled cooler incorporates some award winning innovations.

EBAC F-Max Bottled Water Cooler

Bottled F-Max Water Cooler

This bottled water cooler has patented WaterTrail technology for extra hygiene.

Desktop Bottled Water Cooler

Desktop Bottled Water Cooler

This compact water cooler is the perfect solution for smaller offices or kitchen worktops. The efficient bottled water cooler comes in both cold and ambient and hot and cold water to suit your needs.

Touch Mains-Fed Water Cooler.

Mains fed water cooler with touch controls

New to the mains fed range featuring touch button controls.

EBAC E-Max Mains Fed Water Cooler

Mains fed water cooler in grey colour

One of our most popular plumbed in water coolers. It offers high level technology combined with quality.

EBAC Fleet Mains Fed Water Cooler

Tall Mains Fed Water Cooler

This new model with EBAC technology is the stylish way to stay hydrated.

Mains F-Max Water Cooler

Slimline Mains Fed Water Cooler

Our popular F-Max machine is also available in a mains fed version.

Unlimited Mains-Fed Water Cooler

Tall Grey Mains Fed Water Cooler

Stylish but practical mains fed water cooler ideal for any office

Unlimited Mains-Fed Desktop Water Cooler

Small Desktop Mains Fed Water Cooler

This small mains fed water cooler is perfect for the smaller sized office where space is limited.

Mains Fed Desktop Water Cooler

Mains fed desktop sized water cooler

Now our mains fed touch controlled water cooler is available in a compact desktop size.

Drinking Water Fountain

Stainless Drinking Water Fountain

Mains fed drinking water fountain with push button operation.

500ml Bottled Still Spring Water

500ml Bottled Still Spring Water

Our new 500ml water bottle pack helps you rehydrate whilst enjoying the great taste of spring Water wherever you are.

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